The problem
Setting up a respondent level TV panel database is a big overhead for media software companies. Data generally arrives in a raw text format and requires pre-processing, conversion and loading to a relational database, which must be maintained and updated at regular intervals. There are then complex sets of rules for the calculation of “gold standard” TV industry currencies such as GRPs, reach and CPMs. makes it easy
We take care of respondent data so that your engineering team can concentrate on their own systems. We host the database for your market – for example BARB in the UK or Nielsen in the US (subject to that firm’s conditions). Our team looks after that database and provides key metrics to your platform through an industry standard RESTful API. You can instantly retrieve GRPs, reach, CPMs and other metrics for any reported event (e.g. a spot, program or break) or a collection of events, for any panel demographic. can return a reach curve for a series of events, and as an additional service optimize events by reach, GRPs, CPM or a combination of the three.

The latest technology is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform for great scalability and availability plus a high degree of redundancy. Documentation and testing is available through an online portal, plus email support from our industry experts.

Easy internationalization
Another great advantage to companies operating in multiple markets is that metrics for all markets can be supplied through the same interface. So uses the same interface as and This can greatly simplify an international roll-out of your product.