Agency Planning and Reporting

Using BARB and other panels we create bespoke media planning products for agencies and broadcasters for the reporting, planning or optimization of TV campaigns or programming. All our products are 100% hosted in the cloud, the systems are accessed via your browser and no local installations are required. Our platform scales easily to incorporate first or third party household level datasets in addition to currency panels.

The Legacy

Most TV software architecture was designed before the advent of cloud computing and is engineered to squeeze years of detailed panel viewing data onto a desktop PC.  There are limitations to this approach.  The desktop software must be installed and maintained by the client, or accessed via Citrix.  Data must be downloaded regularly.  Most importantly, this architecture cannot scale to “big data” – IP or census level databases are too large to be downloaded and stored to a local PC.

We Do It Differently

Video Agnostic redesigned TV software from first principles, using the latest technology.  We created a web service to access viewer data from many sources, then calculate and optimize TV metrics via an API interface.  This web service can be cloned and adapted for different countries with different buying rules.  It can be connected to a cloud database for small panels like Nielsen and BARB, or big data instances for larger datasets.

We build our planning and optimization products on the same API.  These are SAAS products that require no installs or data updates, just a simple log in.

We’re experts at creating and applying mathematical models to predict when viewers will be watching in the future, or to use a panel as a model dataset to predict the viewing to a 3rd party dataset – i.e. fusion on the fly.


Contact Us

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